Custom Codes

All uploaded assets come with separate custom codes per asset. From one pdf to a multi album release. System generated 'AuX' codes are embedded in interactive pages, pdf's, qr codes, rss feeds and Json scripts for easy customer retrieval.

Protected Assets

Dnld.us provides secure online transfer of files directly from our server. All files can be delivered directly to customers from their web browser. Upon launch, a 'No navigating away' feature from company micro-site or customer page may be included.

Download Codes

All uploaded assets groups come with web address / code and qr code. Customers are able to download zipped folders, download, view or stream each item in the asset group. Upon launch, 20 custom download codes may be included to print on your own.

USB-A & DNLD Cards

Dnld is an exclusive dealer of USB-A, Albums by Audocs. We also offer an assortment of download cards to provide a professional edge to each asset group or project.

Custom Shirt Mock




International Fulfillment

Since 1998 our staff has provided international fulfillment. From 2013-17 as FKA & Co. we shipped globally to various retail establishments and distributors. Our deliveries range from warehoused items to direct from the manufacturer to various drop points globally. DNLD now offers various physical and digital deliverables, including code based hand-offs per asset. To lightweight storage mediums that reduce space as the main cost driver


Custom Merch Orders and Prints

DNLD manages logistics for artists, labels and PROS. Including custom vinyl, cassette, t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, fine prints and more. Additional services include, VIP and customer event gift boxes or bags to augment their absence from special events. DNLD also offers special programs for artists, labels and PROS who wish to market direct in a non-intrusive way to Radio Stations, Retail and Distributors


Gratis Based Deliveries

Custom Loaded, customer accessed, entity controlled, free streams and other offers via dnld.us. Create gifts and also deliver to other companies or customer based entities, pr firms to radio stations and more. Online offers include NO disruptive tracking, staling, throttling or other activities that slow down your deliveries


Custom merchandise pages

DNLD provides handcrafted custom shops for artists, labels and PROS. Most sites launched in 48 hours. Includes White-label design, Admin panel, RSS, Auto back-ups, Audio Player, Custom Stripe e-commerce, Daily stats, Direct to your email contact page and several page options. If you are interested in partnering with DNLD for your fulfilment online CONTACT US