Custom Codes

All uploaded assets come with separate custom codes per asset. From one pdf to a multi album release. System generated 'AuX' codes are embedded in interactive pages, pdf's, qr codes, rss feeds and Json scripts for easy customer retrieval.

Protected Assets provides secure online transfer of files directly from our server. All files are delivered directly to customers from their web browser. Upon launch, a 'No navigating away' feature from company micro-site or customer page included.

Download Codes

All uploaded assets groups come with web address / code and qr code. Customers are able to download zipped folders, download, view or stream each item in the asset group. Upon launch, codes are able to print for brand marketing.

USB-A & DNLD Cards

Dnld is an exclusive dealer of USB-A, Albums by Audocs. USB Albums have Maximum HD Data Space, Minimum Physical Storage Space and Shipping Weight. Custom USB Albums are great mediums or inserts for projects.