About Us

'Manufacturing to fulfillment, cross sales, optional accessories & add-on services'

Merchandiser and online fulfillment provider to the gratis industry. Including apparel, prints and services liaison. 

Content Marketing

DNLD fulfills orders for Gratis delivery, logistics, loyal customer based promotions and content marketing, increasing sales and awareness of independent and smb users. From Physical hardcopy orders to customer retention and gratis offers that are augmented by physical shipments or downloads codes courtesy of DNLD.US. From USB based content delivery to t-shirts as ell as custom offers via companies request. Enhance promotions and marketing and allow safe gratis delivery to loyal customers and more.

Gratis Industry

Custom Loaded, customer accessed, entity controlled, free streams and other offers via dnld.us. Create gifts and also deliver to other companies or customer based entities, pr firms to radio stations and more. Online offers include NO disruptive tracking, staling, throttling or other activities that slow down your deliveries.

Event Gifts

DNLD sends VIP's and customers event gift boxes or bags to augment their absence from special events. DNLD also offers special programs for artists, labels and PROS who wish to market in a non-intrusive manner to Radio Stations, Retail and Distributors.


4/22/2011 1:23:50 PM PST, Formerly Known As Company Registers www.dnld.us

9/23/2012, Formerly Known As Company initiates DNLD.US (promotions)

9/26/2012, Formerly Known As Company lists DNLD in board resolution as a subsidiary

7/7/2014, DNLD delivers first release via its database

11/20/2016, DNLD begins to deliver content via RSS feed

11/1/2017, Audio Documents, Inc. 'Audocs' acquires DNLD.US from FKA Co.

3/10/2018, Audio Documents, Inc. 'Audocs' powers up the new DNLD.US merch solution