Backed by Audio Documents Standards, USB Albums come preloaded with M4A, MP3, FLAC or Wav. With a slim design, albums now fit in your pocket or wallet. Allowing customers to directly access your audio files from their personal computer and load directly into their iTunes or player of choice. Starting at 512mb going up to 64gb, deliver one album, boxsets or entire catalogs in hybrid form. Bridge the digital divide with digital audio files on a new physical format.

From crowdfunding gifts, to shopping entire catalogs to distributors.

This revolutionary product brings delivery back into the hands of artists, labels and or merchants. Features include custom artwork, virtually unlimited space and comfortable minimum orders. Current turnaround times are 4-6 weeks, versus minimum 90 days for vinyl orders.


Now available, 'QR based Prints and Posters' custom framed or unframed 8 inch and 12 inch prints connects directly to your DNLD.US files securely stored on our server. Extremely economical, QR Prints allow customers to receive a physical print and gratis download. Customers only need a QR reader to receive files and links on their phone, easily transferable to any desktop.

Deliver your DNLD.US packages via unique print or covers. Great for movie posters, tour posters, album covers, 16x20 and 20x30 inch promotional posters and more.


All DNLD.US 'Top Level' folders come with an interactive pdf. Our iPDF is lightweight and maintains link integrity across internet delivery. Including online preview and download of files, separate or bundled. Mobile QR accessibility also provides on the go access to your folder and files.

Enjoy a complete 'Top Level' pdf or add on sub-folder delivery as separate iPDF's. Enabling artists, labels, pr departments or promoters to work each asset (album or film) to its highest market value, before releasing the entire folder. Great for; email marketing, gratis delivery for loyal customers, PR Firms, Promoters, Blogs and more.