Incentive Marketing

Incentive & Content marketing

How does DNLD.US enhance current product distribution?

It augments and enhances promotions and marketing and allows safe gratis delivery to PR, fan or customer. There is no disruptive tracking, staling, throttling or other activities that slow down your catalog deliveries. 

Are all folders and codes open on DNLD.US?


YES!  DNLD's model is based on Factor initiatives* to provide the greatest ratio and  advantage for the lifespan of each product or asset. ""Going Viral"" or ‘Critical Mass’, includes every single person for the greatest number of individuals who are able to access the product in the greater market, for the life of the product. 

One custom code provides the viral-ability for ‘Sudden Blow Up’, in the market,  beside waiting for endorsements or absorption by a few taste-makers. Coupled with any PR campaign and consistent promotions, a highly effective gratis based initiative may create a more effective transaction for all your target groups at a low cost and legitimate transaction.

Why allow access to codes and folder assets?


Gratis deliveries enfranchises customers bringing them onboard the product, allowing them to potentially engage, share and grow the awareness of the product. The process adds considerable difference in an elastic manner (scalabiltiy) by embracing an open market and information exchange. The same information is received linear, top to bottom without distortion. We call this Non-spatial average, which means it is almost impossible to overlap with paid physical copies or revenue from iTunes, Apple Music Spotify and other download or streaming sources.