Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of May 21, 2018.

Audocs system provides this Privacy Policy for all users of any Audocs System or Service, including our X925 server. This includes all functions, policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personally identifiable information received from users of any of our websites, located on any Audio Documents Inc. “Audocs" (“Site” ) or collected through our asset and content distribution service, including any social networking sites, SMS, WAP and Instant Messaging (“Service”).

Audio Documents Inc. Privacy Policy will do its utmost to be in favor of the users of the Audocs System and Services. This may result in system wide advancements that may cause the Privacy Policy to be updated for any reason; each version will apply to information collected while it was in place. In general, Audio Documents Inc. will do its utmost to inform users by post or notice of any subsequent changes to our Privacy Policy. To indemnify itself from any negligence, Audio Documents Inc. urges users to consult this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes. All annotations and changes may appear at the bottom of this policy, highlighted and time stamped.

By using any Audocs System sites or Services (X925), users are consenting to our internal processing of your information as set forth in this Privacy Policy now and as amended by us. “Processing” may include responsable use of cookies, whether by in-house browser or 3rd party tools and browsers. Additional database storage and time-stamping of system and service use may also be included.

Our organizational "hands off" conduct is based on our moral and ethical policy from executive management. As users of computer based systems, our executive management adheres to the same policies it wishes to enjoy on services cross the internet domain. Personal computing, using or unethically touching information in any way will not be tolerated. Including, but not limited to, the unethical collecting, storing, deleting, using, combining and or selling of disclosed information.  Any information stored with Audio Documents Inc. will be done so in the strictest confidentiality of user information. Regarding the “Selling” of user information, Audio Documents Inc. may never sell user information, as apart of our moral and ethical policy.

As policy and for all global users, your personally identifiable information will not be tampered with or used maliciously. To the best of our ability and based on the most current networking technology available, Audio Documents Inc. adheres to strict global privacy standards, in favor of the users. If at any time, users find their information mis-used or manipulated for exploitive gains by agents, employees or programs in favor and of Audio Documents Inc., monetarily or otherwise. Please feel free to contact as to have the issue resolved immediately.

As network protocol and browsing technology is an unstable process and currently growing. Audio Documents Inc. will not create reaping programs to secure information without user consent or in a immoral or unethical way. If any user storage and retrieval programming is to be enacted its only to ensure a secure access to Audocs System and Services on the X925 server, in addition to Authorized third party access as granted by the user.

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or our use of your personally identifiable information, please contact us at info at audocs dot com.

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