About Us

DNLD, a Audocs Product

AUDOCS SYSTEM Integrates and connects small business including artists, label and PRO based network relationships established harmony & unity with the heart felt gesture of Gift giving. This emerging industry is called GRATIS. 

Apart of the Audocs System, DNLD now provides 'Manufacturing to fulfillment, cross sales, optional accessories & other add-on services' as a Merchandiser and online fulfillment provider to the gratis industry. Including apparel, prints and services liaison.



Content Marketing: Gratis Industry, Merchandise, Record/Film/Product release Events

Initiated in 2011 by Formerly Known As Company, DNLD started out by offering asset storage, B2C (gratis) media delivery and merchandise fulfillment. The DNLD media based multi-level library remains apart of the service and handles retrieval for customers with unique url, electronic QR code handoff, asset download pages, iPDF's and more.

Currently supported and operating as a department of Audocs, DNLD fuel injects and launches gratis deliveries for indie entities, companies, labels and artists. Other services include merchandise, asset packaging and delivery (bundling), wether electronic or physical. DNLD has expanded its offer to the Gratis industry market with digital and physical deliverables as-well.

DNLD maintains its music and education niche for artists, labels and courseware based entities. This includes Departments, Professors wether senior or adjunct. DNLD provides wider global benefits for secure online transfer of assets including textbooks and peripheral course material. That includes hybrid physical solutions such as Mobile QR Code Handoff to DIGI/VINYL/ FILM programs. 

DNLD unique offer to B2B, B2C & EDU is based on a simple digital hand-off solution in a market saturated by promotional based tools. Publishers are able to open each folder to customers who are then able to download zipped media, feed, view or stream each item in the asset group.


  iPDF - Interactive PDF, -Linked text for full audio preview & download (DNLD). 
 DNLD Card, enhanced, custom, single code - usb launch able or biz based. 
 DNLD Premium *USB Album, 512-64gb for catalogs and albums. 
 Custom Qr Prints & Posters and Merchandise Fulfillment.
 CD Keys.
Upgrades: Password protected content & Burn notices.